Larry Beck, and one of his albums

Larry Allan Beck (1935-1990)

We first saw Larry perform at the Saloon in Ester, outside of Faribanks, in 1965. We were really taken with his performance. He was incredible at reciting Robert Service poetry, much less that which he'd composed himself. My father was a lover of Service, and Service poetry had been part of what children learned in the 20's. My dad was with us that he was really excited.

People have suggested that I compose a Wiki entry for Larry. I thought about it, but I just don't have the time. My main concern is this...Larry was a totally self contained show. He actually labelled each and every album (Or had some help). NONE of his work was copyrighted, as far as I can determine. All his work is just stored on a half dozen tape casettes and some LP albums. I wanted to put his recitations to a medium that would be accessable to people who enjoy Service Recitations.

There have been several good books written about Larry, so his history is pretty well documented. Here is a copy of the obituary written and posted at the Angelus Memorial Park site in Anchorage:
Mr. Beck was a performer who worked to promote tourism to the 49th state. That work led to his appointment by Governor Keith Miller in 1972 as "Alaska's Ambassador of Good Will." He was not only a performer of the first rank but was also an authority on Alaska, the North and its gold rush history. He had a career of writing, reciting, singing, recording and traveling the world over. He wrote 6 books of poetry, recorded eight audiotapes and completed over 10 documentary films on various historical interests of Alaska. He was also in the first graduating class for West Anchorage High School.
That being said, I am posting all the poetry I've put to music and pictures so it is accessable on one site. All the performances are actually on YouTube, and I really appreciate that being available for our use. Here are the recitations I've put to graphics and posted thus far. I'll use some of his album covers as "icons." Enjoy!!! Gruffy
Larry's picture of a Gruff

"Alaska My Alaska"
poem by Larry Beck

"Call of the Wild" by
Robert Service

"Little Things"
poem by Robert Service

"Goodbye Little Cabin"
by Robert Service

"Arctic Sun, My Wondrous
poem by Larry Beck
Larry met with many famous folks

"Cremation of Sam
by Robert Service

"Arctic Happy Bird"
Poem By Larry Beck

"Bessie's Boil"
by Robert Service