This is your normal everyday rather sunspotty hot solar disk noting that the more sunspots the hotter the radiationAs you can see, this is the disk today copied from the National Solar Observatory site as educational data. Less spots, like none, imply cooling earth temperatures over the long run

Global Warming Is Neither!!!

I have been an opponent of the Kyoto Treaty ever since they decided to have one. The reason I found it abhorrent was the contrivances of junk science that were used to justify the treaty. I was a "rocket scientist" and it didn't take one to see that the motivation for this treaty was a combination of "religion" and good old-fashioned Darwinian/Galtonian Eugenics. Here was a way to suck the wealth from nations, rendering them into huge masses of servants. 'Nuff said.

I attempted to join the thousands of scientists who were against the Treaty. My application some 10+ years ago was lost. I didn't give it much thought. Recently, though, I began to see the need to have my name visibly on the list, so I re-applied. I have been accepted to that list of rational scientists who oppose this religion, right under the name of Edward Teller, one of the most incredible scientists of all times.

Now that the sun has decided to run an exceptionally long quiet spell (no sun spots) I feel it is time to point out that we are going to have a similarly cool planet close behind. I was thrilled at David Archibald's treatise on the subject, presented in 2007 down in Australia.

Here is a simple chart of<br />causal relationships between<br />our weather and our sun.

I was even more thrilled when Archibald presented some more work here in the US, showing the need for MORE carbon dioxide to tide us through the coming cool spell. He made the point that crops in North America are going to be adversely affected by this cool spell and the crop line is going to drop in latitude enough to create some really difficult times.

Archibald recently posted an addendum to his work, referring to some added data and smoothing curves regarding the cycle that emphasize the fact that Solar Cycle 24 has decided not to show itself as NASA, Gore and the other pontiffs of the Global Warming faith were predicting.

About the same time, Freeman Dyson, one of the giants of quantum physics, electronics and all kinds of subjects, wrote an AMAZING essay about the FACT that Anthropological Global Warming is part and parcel of the religion of Environmentalism, and the more vitriolic participants in that faith are intractable, and include some terrorists, by the bye.

So, here are the letters I've penned. I'm including them because they explain my stand and they have quick URL connections to Archibald's and Dyson's essays...obviously these are in chronological order as I penned them:

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