The "Kids," Mickey and Sam


Those were our kid-names, and we're getting them back out and having fun with our "Inner Kids."

Laurella and I met at Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo. That was 1959, mind you. I was doing post-graduate work in Applied Math, Electronics, and Physics, and she was a freshman Math major. We actually met at the beach at Avila, on a double date. That was it. We were married in '61, while I was working in the Aerospace industry and she was attending college. She finished her college at Long Beach State and did her student teaching out in the tiny (then) town of Orange. We moved to Alaska in '64 because I could see a dead end coming in the aerospace industry and...

Here we are on our 35th Anniversary nearly 15 years ago

wanted desperately to get away from California.

We thought we'd try Alaska for a year. The year kept going and going. I taught for 17 years, then ran my own company for 5 more, while Laurella raised 3 boys. Laurella taught for several years until Michael arrived in '67. We were living in a cabin way out of town, carrying our water and food. No electricity...until 1970.

In 1981 the opportunity arose for me to run my own business and get out of teaching. It was wonderful. Hard work, true. When we had our company going, Laurella did the books, receivables, and managed finances as the business grew.

We did manage to get embedded in A Cult but that is a separate story, and has it's own title. That part of our life ended in about '94 when the church tired of my awakening to the reality of quantum consciousness and our reason for living ...

We had to leave Alaska back in the recession of '86. Once I recertified in teaching by teaching at Cal Poly University and Cuesta College, I went back into teaching. Laurella took long term substitute jobs and I taught in several California school districts, and, as department chair, set up new and better math programs for the schools. Finally, we were able to move back to Alaska, and teach at Glacier View School.

I finally retired in '94, and we returned to California. We were obligated to be close to my aunt in Paso Robles, having promised my mom we'd stay close by her sister. I'd been invited to be an adjunct lecturer in Math at Cuesta College if I ever returned, so I joyfully took up that position as we kept close to my Aunt. The next 5 years at Cuesta made up for the travesties pretending to be educators and "management," mixed in with a few truly dedicated, struggling, burnt-out, depressed, counting-the-days-to-retirement teachers and principals I'd worked with for 23 years in the "compulsory schools."

While working at Cuesta, my aunt was wondering what to do with her estate when she passed, and when her daughter Patsy (Profoundly retarded) passed. I talked to her about giving some of it to Cuesta College. She managed to give enough in her estate to allow Cuesta's "North County Campus" to build a building in their name. I was so pleased....they named the building after my Cousin, Pat...

Meanwhile, either I, or both Laurella and I, would go back to Alaska for the summers during this time. I couldn't exist in Schizofornia without going back to Alaska. Laurella was SO encouraging..."take the car and get out of here as soon as school is out..go home!!" Actually, I was doing a real, true "Walk-about." And I wrote, and we both recovered from, the cult years.

My aunt died in '99, and it was financially impossible for us to buy a home in the Paso Robles area. So, we bought a home in Colville, Washington at about half the price of any similar home in the Paso Robles area. In fact, that little house we rented sold for $182,500 when we left for Colville. We'd thought about buying it, but had NO idea it was going for that price. The home we bought in Colville was $115K, and a home like we rented in Paso can be bought here for about $75,000, easily. So, we moved to Colville, and love it here!!!

For more on the move, go back to "We've Moved" .

Yes, we do have a number of hobbies. BUNCHES, in fact. Let's try it this way, in case you are interested in any of them:

Tai-ChiMath Tutoringbeads, though Laurella's hands have been very cranky about that projectMike's Art Constitutional activity

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