General Shamanic's - A very dear friend of mine, with whom I regularly attend the Mad Hatter's various picnic symosiums,

The Rocket Scientist and the Doc take copious notes on the latest Symposium

once explained to me that there are far more "Shamans" than the traditional medicine man/woman type you read about in anthropology, spiritualism, or castigations by organized "religion."

Societies have always made a place for a few people who like to step outside the boundaries of the society to show some of the errors of the boundaries. Often times those people are thought of as "clowns" (as per the Shamanic clowns of Medieval Courts and societies). Other times, though, they show up in the cloth of editorialists. I think instantly of Will Rogers, Samuel Clemens, and one of my true favorites, H.L. Mencken. Yes, I claim that these folks were shamans, and what they did fell under "general shamanics."

So, I guess my friend was saying I'm somewhat of a "Shaman" in that I do spend some of my time outside the lines. I thought of it as being eccentric. Some refer to the "Rebel Without a Cause," some, "pickey." Whatever.

Mencken said it so well:

A professor must have a theory as a dog must have fleas.

So, here are some "clickers" /fleas you can put your mousie on...subjects upon which I've pontificated, made fun of, or, because of my background, actually embellished.

Happy clicking...you asked for it (yes, some of my students asked for this page)...

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