Here we are in Butte Montana, sitting on our new Trike

The Picketts on their new trike

(With Laurella's new HHR hot-rod in the background)

Now, for a little tour:

The Trunk
A modest little locked trunk with a suitcase carrier on top. We had a special custom trailer hitch installed (after these pictures were taken) and now pull a trailer.

Here we were leaving for California, September 2009, for our son's wedding

The Engine
Yup - a completely rebuilt VW 4 cylinder engine from a "bug," along with a completely rebuilt transmission. Notice the custom "trumpets" for exhaust and the "wheelie-bars" in case you give it too much gas in low gear.

The Nose Cone
The nose cone is detailed and you can see the fixed head-light. Sorry about the bug splatter on the windshield but I drove it from Butte Montana to the house the day before, and the bugs were pretty bad.

The front view
Here you can see the front fork, a Harley-Davidson creation, with the additional 2 steerable headlamps. At night this thing can't be missed, and the lighting is really helpful when riding.

Fender detail
The fender has mild flames of gold on the gold flecked "Brandy-wine" paint finish. We were shocked by the beauty of this paint job. We thought "brandy-wine" would be plain and had NO idea how much gold flaking had been mixed in the paint. Also, you can see the handlebars for the rider.

Passenger view
So, when you climb into the passenger seat, here is what you see...

Looking at the side detail
Here is the side view as you climb on to drive...and the shifting lever is below your seat...the pattern is the typical VW pattern, but lying on its side. It takes a moment or three to get used to it. The pedal on the lower left is the clutch.

Fender detail
Even the fender was done with incredible TLC...

Fender detail
Here is a close up of the gold flake and gold stripe on a fender...the closer you get to this machine, the more amazing it becomes..

More front detail
Harley-Davidson front fork with two headlamps on it. Below and to the left is the brake pedal. Below that, but invisible, is the gas pedal. The arrangement is just like a regular VW....I think you can get handlebar gas control if you want it...

Rear view
This view shows the color, the wheelie bars, and the quartz-lamp that really makes cars back off in traffic when they are getting too close for comfort...

Passenger seat
The passenger seat is well cushioned, and there is a lap belt. You can see the passenger isn't right on your back, and they have very comfortable and wide benches for their feet...

More front cowl detail
I had to show this shot for the pure color. It is spectacular...

The dash panel
Here is what I see as the driver. All VDO instruments. The Speedometer is digital, taking its signals from a wheel sensor. A person can calibrate it on a measured mile, and it checks itself every time you start the engine. The turn signal lights are a little difficult to see. When you are riding the handlebars are right above them...

Fender detail again
Here you can see the sparkle of the fender.

Fender protector
The manufacturer added a protective trim on the fender to keep car doors from hitting the paint, and to keep errant drivers from hitting things too. It is a little difficult to learn to drive in the middle of the lane, or anywhere else, having driven on the left for as much as we do.

Gas cap
This shows one of the gas tank caps. The machine has a 5 gallon tank under each fender, and the tanks interconnect as well, so there is no tank switching to be done.

Well, that is the complete tour. I wish you could hear it, or enjoy riding in the evening, feeling micro-climates pass by, or the odors of fields and streams...

For the aficionado, this machine was built by "Custom Trikes" in Phoenix. We'd seen their work a number of years ago when some friends of ours bought one. They LOVED it, and I fell in love with the VW trike concept.

The story behind this machine is special. It was built specifically and specially for a fellow and his wife who were friends of the company. No end of TLC was put into it. Chrome engine. Incredibly gold flecked "Brandy-wine" paint job with dainty gold flames. Head lamps that turn with the fork. The fenders have special protector bars on them so people can't bash it with their doors and the driver can't bash the paint coming too close to things. It even has a powerful quartz back-up light that can be turned on to make close following car.

Here is a "connect" to "Custom Trikes", should you want to see more